Play it Forward

And Help Your Organization

The goal for our fundraisers is to bring awareness to your organization and help bring in additional revenue to aid your organization. You will be given a day at Tad’s Locker Room, where 10% of ALL transactions will go to your organization. You will be asked to send out a newsletter either by mail or email, encouraging people to stop in to help fund your cause. Also, the use of social media sites to help spread the word, such as Facebook and Twitter, are highly encouraged as well. The more people stop in, the more additional revenue your organization will receive. We also would like you to provide an individual(s) to help hand out flyers that day by the store entrance informing customers that their purchases at Tad’s Locker Room will go towards helping fund your organization. Tad’s Locker Room believes in Paying it Forward, and wants to help out the local community.

“This is why our advertising and our store logo apparel will include three letters: PIF, or Pay It Forward.

“The past few years have been up and down, but all you have to do is turn on the television and you can find someone who really needs help.

“So we intend to make this a major project of the store; to figure out how to do some good, to raise some money or contribute something significant to our community.”

-Tad Snarenberger, Owner


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